What do YOU love?

I’ve realized that if you really want something out of life you may have to chase after it. Maybe some of the good stuff is just put in our lap but a lot of it isn’t. If you go after what you want you may be put down, discouraged, gossiped about, and told you’re making wrong decisions. There may be obstacles that put you down or hold you back. But that’s okay. If it feels right keep going after it. Don’t let a roadblock be a dead end. Get back up even if you feel beaten down. Don’t let someone else’s negative energy or discouraging words hold you back. Keep searching. Keep climbing. Keep loving.

Maybe finding our “purpose” in life doesn’t come to us in a package with a bow. Every day we have to wake up and make choices. Don’t wake up one day and realize that you did it all to make others happy. Do it for you. Do it cause you love it. Make the choice to keep discovering. About yourself. About what makes you happy. About what you love. About the animals and planets and sun and oceans.

It’s okay to not feel strong some days. That’s all part of the journey. Don’t take it all too seriously. Even when you think you have reached the “peak” there always comes a time we have to go back down in valley and climb again. That’s all part of this. So don’t forget to enjoy the journey. And do it for you. Wake up, break up, make up ….Do it cause YOU want to ❤️❤️❤️

Heard this song “What do you love?” by Seeb on Spotify after I wrote this and I think he gets what I’m writing about …

Spend your days on a 9 to 5
You waste your time on a search for life
What do you love?
Work two jobs tryna stay alive
You spend your money on a Friday night
Tell me, what do you love?

Just stand for something
Fall for anything

Come out of the dark and join the light
Whatever your fear is, you can be alright
But tell me, what do you love?
Tell me, what do you love?


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