PHOnomenal Vietnam

The most I had heard about Vietnam before coming here was the fact that my Papa had fought in the Vietnam War at some point during his life. I’d obviously heard of the infamous “pho” before but figured it was some variation of the good old college “ramen noodles” and stayed clear…also oblivious to the fact this was a staple of the Vietnamese diet. I actually ended up eating pho for a majority of meals cause it was that good. I’ve also decided that if I ever start a business I’m hiring a Vietnamese person to run the sales department. They somehow manage to make you buy something you have absolutely no use for. On another note, they definitely have the world’s cutest babies and puppies. And they would win a superlative for “Most Likely to Smile for no Reason” if that were a thing.

So here is my “Best of Vietnam” List from two and a half weeks traveling here …with pictures included for people like me that get lost in text:

1. Best Fruit: Mango at every-freaking-where


2. Best Meal: Banh Bao (Vietnamese Steamed Pork Buns) at Seashell restaurant in Ang Bang, Beach near Hoi An


3. Cheapest Meal: $1 Pho at Night Market in Dalat



4. Best Trek: 2 random ladies that led us 3 hours to the Lao Chai village from Sapa (one with a baby on her back the whole way!)



5. Best “WTF” Moment: Man riding buffalo in river near Hoi An


or was it the dead pig on my beach run at An Bang Beach (ew)


6. Best Beaches: Cham Islands



7. Best “Totally Freaking Out” Moment: Canyoning near Dalat


8. Best “Happy” Moment: Drinking coconuts on the hammock, Cham Islands


9. Best Bar: Maze Bar in Dalat … except definitely would die in there if there was a fire


Moral of story … definitely go to Vietnam.


5 thoughts on “PHOnomenal Vietnam

      1. Katie, You are amazing, in my whole lifetime I never came close to doing everything you have done, GREAT, ENJOY love you, keep notes, write a book about all you have done!


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