Missed Flight & Hong Kong

Time has never been my thing. I tend to be at least fifteen minutes late to work, usually  in a cab while all my friends are seated for dinner reservations and find myself running through the airport to catch my flights.

When I studied abroad in Madrid my alarm never went off for my flight back home to Boston. We had gone out the night before for a quick drink at our favorite Irish Bar Dubliners and I told myself that I’d pack all of my stuff in the morning. Well, that never happened. I ended up throwing all of my remaining items in my laundry basket and when I got to the airport I was dragging my Santa sack behind me like a puppy while the lady on the intercom reported “Katie Bialy this is your last call for boarding flight number xx.” The doors to the plane and terminal shoot had all been closed but somehow I ended up in Boston as originally planned.

The ending to this flight story wasn’t this time wasn’t so lucky. Reminder to self … 1230 AM flights are at night not in the afternoon. At least this mistake only cost me money and a long layover in Hong Kong. Not like my permanently bruised knees from the mistake of running into oncoming traffic on a busy West Village side street. Story for another time.

On Hong Kong…Hong Kong’s like a clean Manhattan. People seem to be everywhere and there are areas that reminded me of Fifth Avenue but some more like Canal Street. I tried to order 3 meatball looking things from a street vendor but she gave me 6. I told her that I only wanted 3 and then she seemed to get angry and took them out of the sauce bowl and into a bag. Hope she got over that because I sure did after I had a bite of one of these. Currently trying to make sleeping on an airport chair comfortable. Let me know if you have any suggestions.





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